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Friday, 11 March 2016

T. Hawk Street Fighter Series 2 (Sota)

T. Hawk

 T.Hawk Street Fighter Series 2  (Sota)

I bought T. Hawk off a seller off Criagslist. He was selling almost his whole collection of Action Figures. I mostly bought his Robotech collection plus other figures he was trying to get ride of. He decided to sell because he had a family now. I didn't have T. Hawk in my collection for long. I had to make room for other figures I also purchased.


T. Hawk Accessories

T. Hawk came with
  • 4 swappable hands
  • Hawk (looks more like an eagle, can mount to right shoulder)


T. Hawk's entire tribe and village has been left in ruins by the hands of M. Bison and the Shadaloo organisation. Having his tribe driven from their home land, his father murdered by Bison, and his true love Julia brainwashed into becoming a member of Bison's "Dolls" project, T. Hawk wants nothing more than to take down M. Bison. Learning about the Dolls program and the Living Incubator program, T. Hawk has vowed to free Julia and prevent M. Bison from ever brainwashing another person ever again.

Being a grappler, T. Hawk is very slow but hits like a truck. Unlike his counterpart Zangief, who can get by using head games and various tools that don't involve rotating the joystick, T. Hawk's game is all about getting in your opponents face, throwing them, and not letting them escape. He is the most extreme of grapplers, considering he has a limited number of tools to get in. The key to playing T. Hawk is patience, patience, patience. Wait for your opponent to make a mistake and condition them with fake-outs and pokes to divert their attention as you go in for a command grab.

Unfortunately I didn't take that many pictures of T. Hawk. It's too bad too he was a cool figure.




  1. That's an awesome T-Hawk fig!I loved his character in the games but I sucked whenever I used him :(

    1. Thanks man. Too bad I didn't have him for too long.


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