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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Armoured Zentraedi Warrior - Matchbox Robotech 1985

Armoured Zentraedi Warrior

Zentraedi Warrior Emblem 

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I had Armoured Zentraedi Warrior ever since I was around 12yrs old. I bought him in a local used toy store. When I had a paper route and starting to earn some money I started hunting for Robotech figures. It was really hard to find  Robotech figures when I was younger plus I did not have the money. Now they are a little bit more easier to find but cost alot more now. Armoured Zentraedi Warrior is part of my collection. Ill be posting more as soon as possible.




Armoured Zentraedi Warrior - Battle Damage

This figure had a couple of back yard battles it has survived even with explosive fire crackers and fire works.

 Zentraedi Warrior - Back

Armoured Zentraedi Warrior - Matchbox Robotech 1985

Armoured Zentraedi Warrior - Robotech

Unfortunately when I purchased Armoured Zentraedi Warrior he did not come with his helmet. the Articulation was not bad at the time for the figures. I'm pretty happy with this figure it would be cool if they made up dated figures like a 30th anniversary figure line or something like that

 Zentraedi Interrogation 

 Zentraedi Warriors

Armoured Zentraedi Warrior - Matchbox Robotech 1985 - New in Package

Armoured Zentraedi Warrior - Matchbox Robotech 1985 - Back of Package


Armoured Zentraedi Warrior

Age: Undetermined

Rank: Private

The 60 foot giant Zentraedi Warriors have been created by the evil Robotech Masters to serve as mercenaries in their battle against the Micronians (humans) to gain control of the SDF-1 Battle Fortress and its supply of the precious protoculture. Designed to be war machines through training and genetic engineering, the Zentraedi Warrior has no emotions and lives only for battle.

Armoured Zentraedi Warrior - Info

BIGMANILA - Armoured Zentraedi Warriors

Armoured Zentraedi Warrior - BIGMANILA

More Robotech Figures To Come
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