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Monday, 4 January 2016

Scott Bernard Masterpiece Collection Volume 1 VFA-6H (Toynami) Robotech/Mospeda


 I Purchased Scotts VFA-6H from someone selling  it on Craigslist. He was selling his whole collection of Robotech,Transformers and many other figure. I bought most of his collection. Well the most I could afford.

 The Veritech Alpha Fighter  (VFA-6H) was Earth's premier 3rd-generation transformable fighter, serving the REF through its mission in deep space and the reclamation missions to Earth. The -H version was marked with blue colouring and was typically flown by officers.



Designation: VF/A-6H
Mecha Class: Veritech fighter, aerospace capable.
Crew: 1 pilot.
Weight: 16.70 tons (dry)

In 2035, the second generation of Alpha fighters were introduced.  These would be the primary models which would participate in the Third Robotech War and endear themselves to the many Earth resistance groups which operated the units during the years of occupation.  The -6H,-6I, and VE-6B models were specifically designed to replace the now decade old -6A, -6B, and VE-6A models respectively.

 The newer models were now to take over space borne combat operations  from the conventional craft  Although the second generation models had greatly enhanced space borne capabilities and delta-v, the addition of the VF-12 Beta fighter as a booster for these Alphas allowed them to fight together in space, separate for atmospheric combat and recombine to allow the Alpha to escape back into low orbit for landings with the carrier ships.

 Robotech New Generation 2003 San Deigo Comic Con Exclusive Scott Bernard VFA-6H Alpha Super Poseable Action Figure by Toynami

 The top speed of most second generation models 200 kph over their earlier cousins in the atmosphere and increased the space borne delta-v by nearly 100%.


Length: 10.25m
Height: 4.60m
Wingspan: 8.20m
Max speed at sea level: 1100 kph
Max speed at 10,000m: 1900 kph
Max speed at 30,000m: 3000 kph

Guardian Mode

 The Veritech Alpha Fighter is a transformable fighter, designed by Zor as a short-range aerospace superiority fighter. The fighter is fully space-capable, however, the limited fuel tankage of this craft gives it short legs in space, a deficiency that led to Zor designing the Beta Fighter, to which this unit can attach. The Alpha can not reach suborbital altitudes on its own, and also required the Beta for this.


1 x 3-barrelled 80mm pulse beam cannon in a gun pod. Barrels usually fire. A second pod is possible, but not standard issue.
2 x Light lasers in the Alpha's nose
4 x 78mm short-range missiles mounted in the head. Total ammunition supply is 8 missiles
60 x 190mm short-range missiles, mounted in single-shot surface launchers spread out along the fuselage


Length: 8.00m
Height: 5.72m
Width: 4.84m
Max speed at low altitudes: 680 kph

The Alpha also shines in atmospheric operations, where its small size and large thrust to weight ratio makes it a nimble and elusive target. This is made possible by two powerful main engines in the legs, powerful secondary engines in the forearms, and a dedicated VTOL thruster on the underside of the fuselage.

The Alpha's weapons fit is extremely powerful for a fighter of this size, and carries a destructive capacity comparable to a full squadron of latest generation Earth aerospace fighters, combining a powerful beam gun with a vast number of short-range missiles.



Depth: 5.25m
Height: 8.75m
Breadth: 4.84m
Max speed at all altitudes: 312 kph
Max walking speed: 120 kph

The Veritech Fighter (Variable Technology Fighter) is the name given to the series of transforming aerospace fighters designed by the Master Zor. Their most notable feature is the ability to transform from Jet mode—usually into a humanoid giant robot called Battloid and an in-between mode called Guardian, in which the nose and wings have a pair of "chicken walker" legs extending underneath enabling VTOL, and two arms reaching forward from the sides.

Battloid Mode / Removable Gun Clip

Production on the new models began in 2035 and continued well into 2042 until they were replaced with the third generation VF-6S "Shadow Alpha"

Cyclone Storage

The Cyclone  a type of Veritech mecha armour system that was developed by the Robotech Expeditionary Force and used extensively during the Third Robotech War against the forces of the Invid.

Cyclone Folded In Storage

The Cyclone could switch to a mode called storage mode, in which it folded up into a cube that could be stored on larger vehicles like the Alpha Fighter. This feature made the Cyclone part of standard survival equipment for downed Alpha Pilots.

Missiles On Legs/After Burners

Scott, Missiles, Folded Cyclone

The New Generation, also called Invid Invasion, was originally the Japanese series Genesis Climber MOSPEADA. Mospeada was adapted by Carl Mack to become the third act of the American series Robotech.

Lieutenant Commander Scott Bernard

Scott is one of the new generation of Robotech Defenders who were born in outer space during the Expeditionary Mission to recover the location of the home of the Robotech Masters. He is a pilot in the Mars Division, one of the advanced interstellar battalions trying to reclaim the Earth from the clutches of the Invids. One of the few survivors from this advanced Robotech detachment, Scott is a moody character driven by revenge.

Scott VS. Korg

A natural but sometimes reluctant leader, Scott accumulates other Earth rebels on the way to Reflex Point and forms a resistance force that battles the Invid invaders as they make their way to the ultimate battleground. A moody but driven young man, Scott must relearn the value of friendship from strangers he has met as he moves toward his final goal.


In celebration over the Invid abandoning the planet, Lancer puts on one final show as Yellow Dancer, revealing his true identity near the end of the concert, much to the surprise of most of the audience. He dedicates a final song to Scott Bernard, who has chosen a new mission.

Scott takes to the stars in his Alpha, his new objective being the search for Admiral Hunter and the SDF-3, which has become lost during the Expeditionary mission to the home world of the Robotech Masters. Meanwhile, Ariel promises to wait for Scott's return...on her new home -- Earth.


(TT) Mospeada 21 VR-052-F Cyclone Henshin Robo Gakken (Macross/Robotech) 

Lieutenant Commander Scott Bernard (Robotech/Macross) Mospeada Genisis Climber

(TT) Robotech 1985 Invid Shock Trooper (Matchbox) 


Robotech Macross Toynami Masterpiece Vol. 1 VFB-9H Rand Beta Fighter

Toynami Robotech New Generation Beta MPC Volume 3 

Robotech Masterpiece Collection Volume 6: Jack Archer's VF-1R Veritech


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