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Growing up I always loved Action Figures and toys. My brother and I would always pose them fighting, stances with there weapons or just play with different scenarios. We would some times take photos of the poses but its not as good as it is today. Back then we just had a film camera now everything is all digital, easier and cheaper.

I guess in away my Action Figures will live forever if I ever have to get rid of them and a part of me will live forever  too.

My favourite Action Figures I like to collect are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Robotech, G.I. Joe,  Transformers, He-man, Marvel and DC action Figures.

These are the few cameras I use. Some I used before the Sony one is the one I use currently. I have borrowed some before from some friends when they were nice enough to let me borrow them.

ipad selfie

I even use the ipad to take photos and edit.

One of the tools I use.

 Sweet lights for my studio.

I hope to purchase a better camera in the future and also a photo shop program. Just with the funds I have a can't afford any at the moment. I try to think of new back rounds, surroundings, environments. I'm scared to to my Action Figures outside to parks and beaches. I don't want to loose any of there weapons or the figure itself.

I hope you can join me in my journey and watch me grow and learn new thing on photography and photo editing. Also the Action Figures I take photos of  old and new.

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