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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Max Sterling - Robotech / Macross by Matchbox 1985

Max Sterling -  Matchbox 1985

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I found the Max Action Figure on Craigslist. This guy was selling his whole collection of Robotech Figures. Max Action Figure was really hard to pose, and had very loose elbow joints, but overall, a good figure. After nearly 25 years, I'm happy to add him to my collection.


Maximilian Sterling

Orphaned during the Global War, Max nonetheless had an avid interest in flying and military technology, although he originally had no interest in joining the military. At the launch festivities for the SDF-1, Max and his friend Ben Dixon found themselves caught up in the opening battle of the first Robotech War. 


Max Sterling - ROBOTECH RDF

Rescued in the midst of the first fight against Zentraedi forces, Max earned his first ride in a veritech fighter. Many of the civilians stranded aboard the battle fortress, Max volunteered for the effort to rebuild Macross City inside the ship. Due to boredom, both he and Ben Dixon volunteered for the SDF-1's military forces and began training as veritech pilots several months later.

Robtech - Max all Geared Up

From early on, Max was recognised as a true aviation prodigy, a pilot with some of the most natural flying skills and instincts. His potential earned the attention of Roy Fokker, the SDF-1's air group commander, who then assigned both Max and Ben to the newly-created Vermillion group under the command of Lt. Rick Hunter.

Max wasted little time distinguishing himself, as he notched nine confirmed kills in his first combat sortie in his trademark blue VF-1. But even his impressive skills were put to an ultimate test of survival during a reconnaissance mission that the Vermillion Group undertook to scout Zentraedi targets.

Max and Miriya

His fighting prowess eventually gained the attention of Zentraedi Quadrano ace Miriya Parino, who then sought him out in a furious battle that found its way into the streets of Macross City. To Max, his defeat of the Zentraedi force's finest pilot made him marked for death by Miriya, who micronized herself in an effort to find him. After several near encounters, Max and Miriya finally confronted each other in a video game clash. The result was the same as before, and Miriya then tried to kill him during what Max thought was their first date.

Max and Dana

Defeated once again, Miriya despaired of life itself. But incredibly, the two rivals fell completely in love and were quickly married. The union of Max and Miriya became an unlikely symbol of peace and understanding during the First Robotech War.

Robotech - Sterling Family

Daughter of Max and Miriya Sterling, Dana is not only the first child born from a union between the two races, but she is also the first child born from the womb of a clone. Dana is among the first graduates of the Robotech Military Academy founded in the aftermath of the First Robotech War.

Max Sterling - The Big Escape


Max Sterling

Age: 19

Rank: Lieutenant

Max Sterling is one of the many young men from Macross City who enlist in the RDF after his life was disrupted by the interstellar war with the Zentraedi. Distinguishing himself in his early training period, he is assigned to Rick Hunter's newly-formed combat squad. Max easily becomes the most promising pilot of a new generation of Robotech Aces. His technique is pure perfection when it comes to flying and fighting in the Veritech Fighter.

ROBOTECH - Rick Hunter - Max Sterling

 Max was recognized as a true aviation prodigy, and his potential earned the attention of Roy Fokker, the SDF-1’s air group commander, who then assigned both Max and Ben to the newly created Vermillion group under the command of Lt. Rick Hunter. In the course of the war, Max's skills were put to an ultimate test of survival during a reconnaissance mission that the Vermillion Group undertook to scout Zentraedi targets. After escaping capture by Zentraedi under the command of Breetai, he infiltrated Breetai's battleship in his Veritech and disguised it with a Zentraedi uniform. Max then helped Rick and Ben pilot a Zentraedi battlepod back to the SDF-1.

ROBOTECH - Rick Hunter - Max Sterling - Roy Fokker



Species: Human

Gender: Male

Born: 1990

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Light Blue

Height: 1.81

Affiliation: Robotech Defense Force

Spouse(s): Miriya Sterling

Children: Dana Sterling, Maia Sterling


Soon after the end of the war, Max and Miriya had a daughter, Dana Sterling. He, alongside his wife, continued to work for the RDF; protecting towns and cities from the Malcontent Zentraedi and participating in the Battle of New Macross City.

By the time of the Crystal War, Max was the leader of Skull Squadron.

During the Pioneer Expedition Max was Rick Hunter's top adviser and friend on the SDF-3 before it departed from Earth, leaving Dana, his daughter, in the care of his friend and Southern Cross chief-of-staff, Rolf Emerson, on Earth alongside Bowie Grant.

Max and his commander and friend Rick Hunter.During the Expedition, he had another daughter named Maia Sterling in the mid of the War on the Local Group of Fantoma.

Third Robotech War Max was on board the SDF-3 during the testing of the Neutron-S Missiles were the SDF-3 was badly damaged in the explosion.

Maximillian Sterling Fighter - Mode VF-1J

BATTLOID MODE - Max Sterling

VF-1J Valkyrie - Max Sterling

VF-1J Valkyrie


More Robotech Figures To Come
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