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Thursday, 13 March 2014


Super Dimentional Fortress - 1

I found this Action Figure on Craigslist. This guy was selling his whole collection of action figures. The SDF-1 was a little damaged when I purchased it. The Canon and arm was broken off. Fortunately I was able to repair it. These are a few shot I taken of the SDF-1
 One of the best known vessels, if not the best known vessel, of the Robotech Wars is the SDF-1 battle fortress. Originally, this was a battle fortress belonging to the Robotech Masters, but it escaped to and crashed on Earth under orders from Zor. The planet Earth spent almost a decade repairing the ship and learning its secrets, then went to war with the Zentraedi fleets that came to retrieve the battle fortress. During the war, much of Macross City was recreated inside the ship, an amazing feat of creative use of available internal spaces.

 Macross Island in the South Pacific was the launch point for the battle fortress SDF-1. Around the island on the day of the launch were Earth Defence ships. These ships were not flight capable, they were just there for supply; the carriers were transporting supplies and fighters to the island to be loaded, or were apart of the air show in celebration for the launch.


A Main Gun was a somewhat generic term assigned to the primary artillery battery of a large ship.
The beam of Main Gun was so wide and powerful that is was primarily used to completely obliterate an enemy ship or squadron of fighters / smaller vessels. They tend to have used a great deal of energy and could not be fired continually.

Designation: SDF-1
Class: Space Vessel.
Crew: 3500 crewmen, 1500 pilots and air group, 11000 troops and other personnel
Length: 1210m
Width: 339m (original hull), 496m (with Earth carriers)
Height: 312m
Mass: 18,000,000 tons (operational)
Range: Full solar system transit capability, unlimited fold range

SDF-1 / The Super Dimension Fortress Macross

One of the best known vessels, if not the best known vessel, of the Robotech Wars is the SDF-1 battle fortress.The SDF-1 served until 2014, when the ship was destroyed in a kamikaze attack by Khyron. Many of its systems were salvaged and used for the SDF-3. A nearly-complete sister ship, the SDF-2, was destroyed minutes before the SDF-1.

SDF1 - Reflex Cannon
The SDF-1 prepares to fire its giant Reflex Cannon.                              


When the Zentraedi attacked Macross Island the surrounding forces counter attacked in a move to save the battle fortress. Carriers: Daedalus, and Prometheus both aided in the defence, sending any fighters and support to the island, after the SDF-1 took off they were left behind on Earth. In Space

SDF-1 Daedalus Attack

The Daedalus Manoeuvre and the Pinpoint Barrier System proved to be very effective means of attack and defence respectively. However, those manoeuvres prove to raise the desire of Commander Breetai to secure the battle fortress intact.             
SDF1 / Prometheus
 *200 VF-1 Veritech Valkyrie fighters.
 *120 QF-3000E Ghost drone fighters.
 *150 Destroids
 *50 AEW aircraft, space shuttles, and other small auxiliary craft 
SDF1 - CVS-101 Prometheus

Also known as: Super Dimension Fortress One, Macross, Zor's Battlefortress, Super Dimensional Fortress                   
SDF-1 / SLV-111 Daedalus

*1  Reflex Cannon
*8 Main particle connons
*1 Secondary triple-barreled particle cannon
*4 Single barrel rail connons
*16 Triple barreled laser/particle beam turrets
*12 Torpedo tubes
*48 Ten-tube missile lancher boxes
*Multiple single-use missile launchers

 The Super Dimension Fortress Macross
At it's time the largest of the transformable mecha.This SDF-1 is around 16 inches tall and weighs quite a bit, considering that it is made mostly of plastic.I think the toy pictured is a Bandai released SDF-1 with a Takatoku Prometheus and Main Gun/Reflex Cannon tips (note the yellow launching mechanisms).The Daedalus and Prometheus are removable and they have small wheels on their undersides.The SDF-1 has many hatches that can be opened and three sets of fold down wheels that can be used when it is in ship mode. It was hard to tell who made this Action Figure. For some reason the markings were scratched off when I bought it. When I was a kid it was hard to fingd Robotech Action figures. Even to this day it is a little bit hard but most people now are selling there collection. I guess they have too. Im guessing

1. They are married and have to give up there collection.
2. They need the money
3. They out grown them.

Most people I met on craiglist had to get rid of there collection because there wife did not like them and told them to get rid of them.

It's OK I'm glad I have the SDF-1 in my collection. 

The below Amazon link may not be the same model. But its a new version of the SDF-1


  1. I love the header!Was never into Robotech but always gave it a quick look whenever It was on TV.

    1. I heard they are talking about making a movie. Hope it will catch your eye when it comes out XD


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