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Sunday, 10 June 2018

My First Attempt at making a Transformers Diorama

Transformer Diorama

My First Attempt at making a Transformers Diorama

I was looking for dioramas for some photos shots. The ones on line where really high and the shipping cost where expensive too. So I started looking for different options and see if I could make my own.

I was looking on the net and found this web site here.

Some of the print out I cut out.

The Back Board

Cut and Gluing 

Placing them on the Board

Slowly and  coming together.

Almost Done

I tried to make Teletraan 1 but the cardboard was cracking and the glue was not holding. It was a total fail.

Looking good at first.

A little ruff around the edges.

Telatraan 1 Fail

Photo Trial

Final Results.

If any has any suggestions how to put Teletraan 1 together or has a better web sight for dioramas? Leave a message below. My Teletraan 1 was a complete failure. I hope to make more dioramas come back to check out my other bulids.

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