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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Toys R Us Canada Survives for Now!

Toys R Us - Richmond

As U.S. Toys R Us stores are closing, Toys R Us Richmond B.C. is still up and running for now until the land get redeveloped. Hopefully the ones around the Greater Vancouver area will still survive and relocate Toys R Us somewhere in Richmond with ample parking.

New Development for Toys R Us/ Lansdowne Area

It's really sad, I had a lot of good memories and fun times Lansdowne Mall not just Toys R Us. In ruffly 7 yrs from now is will all be gone. I just have to enjoy it until it all gets redeveloped. But I'm Happy Toys R Us Canada is still Standing.

I'm going to miss looking at the Toys R Us sign. So much excitement just before I enter. It's a relaxing place for me.

Richmond Toys R Us

Blitzwing Purchased at Toys R Us Canada

I'm glad Toys R Us Canada is still stands. I hope they can keep up with other retailers and online stores.  Sometimes I have to find figures im looking for at other stores. Lets see how Toys R Us keeps up.

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