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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Transformers Jumpstarters Topspin and Twintwist - Takara 1984

Transformers Jumpstarters - Topspin and Twintwist

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This is another set of Transformers I got when I was a kid. Twintwist I got for Christmas and Topspin I got from a friend. Topspin received a lot of damage from my action figure wars and he was already badly damaged when my friend gave him to me. Twintwist still can jump but Topspin is too badly damaged.

Enjoy the pics



Transformers Jumpstarters Topspin and Twintwist

The Jumpstarters were sold boxed at the $6 price point; Topspin transforms into a futuristic Cybertronian hovercraft-type thing, while Twin Twist's alternate mode is a double-drilling tank. Both Jumpstarters are notable for their autotransforming feature. Their alternate modes are spring-loaded, and held into place by a catch. Equipped with pull-back motors, they race forward when released, tripping the catch, which allows internal springs to snap the robots' bulky legs into place, which are balanced so as to leave the robot standing upright on its rather broad feet.

Transformers Jumpstarters Twintwist and Topspin

The Jumpsarters

The Jumpstarters are Topspin and Twin Twist, impulsive warriors with the ability to transform from vehicle to robot in less than half a second.


Transformers Jumpstarter Topspin 

Facing off against Decepticons isn't nearly enough of a challenge for Topspin. He'd rather pit himself against Nature itself. No mountain is tall enough, no river treacherous enough to give him pause. Alone against rough terrain, be it on land or in the sea, is where this Wrecker's fuel pump really gets going. Though he loves the challenge he's not fixated on conquering new terrain, he simply enjoys pitting himself against it. As he says, "The thrill is in the journey."

As Jumpstarters, Topspin and his brother Twin Twist can transform between modes in a fraction of an instant, significantly faster than most Transformers.

Sometimes he is partnered with the Titan Master Freezeout.


Transformers Jumpstarter Twintwist

Twin Twist will sink his drills into anything, tearing it to shreds at the smallest excuse. He loves violence and fighting as much as your average Decepticon, full of fury and the desire to show off just how much destruction he's capable of doing. Optimus Prime sometimes worries about his uncontrollable nature, but no one can argue that he isn't an effective warrior. It's probably not much of a surprise that he fits right in with the Wreckers.

As a Jumpstarter, Twin Twist and his brother Topspin can transform between modes in a fraction of an instant (.4 of a second), significantly faster than most Transformers. He is sometimes partnered with the Titan Master Flameout.

Takara Stamp

Twintwist - Takara

Topspin - Takara 

Twintwist Transformation

 Twintwist -Cybertronic Twin-drill Tank

Twin Twist transforms into a Cybertronic twin-drill tank via a very simple, one-step process. His vehicle mode features a pull-back motor which propels him forward; after a short distance, a latch on his body releases his spring-loaded legs, and the weight and momentum flips Twin Twist up onto his robot mode feet.

Cybertronic Twin-drill Tank

 Twintwist - Twin-drill Tank

Twintwist - Armed 

Topspin Transformation 

Topspin - Cybertronic Amphibious Vehicle

Topspin transforms into some kind of amphibious Cybertronic vehicle. He features a pull-back motor in vehicle mode that propels him forward on smooth surfaces; after a short run the latch that keeps his spring-loaded legs releases, causing him to flip forward and into upright robot mode.

Cybertronic Amphibious Vehicle

Topspin Battle Damage 

Twintwist and Topspin

Jumpstarters Topspin and Twintwist 

Wreckers - Topspin and Twintwist

Autobots - Twintwist and Topspin

Autobot Wreckers 

Autobot Jumpstarters



BIGMANILA - Topspin - Twintwist

More Transformers To Come
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