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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Brawn Takara Transformers G1 1983

Brawn Takara Transformers G1 1983

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Brawn Takara Transformers G1 1983 was my first ever Transformer, given to me by my Lola (Grandmother). I was extremely happy to finally get a Transformer! Unfortunately, one time when I was trying to transform Brawn, I broke his right arm. I was still happy he was able to survive all this time in storage and so many moves. Enjoy the photos and don't be shy to share and comment.


Brawn - Transformer and Roll Out

Brawn - Transform

Brawn - Takara 1983

Brawn, the Autobots' demolitions expert, is amazingly strong for his size. Due to his small stature, he often attempts to overcompensate by playing up his macho personality. He loves a challenge, be it rugged off-roading or charging headlong at foes several times his size. He has a lot of chutzpah, and a somewhat sarcastic sense of humor ever at the ready. Due to his machisimo, he sometimes looks down on noncombatant Autobots.

Brawn - Rubsign

The Generation 1 Mini-spies were the first toys to debut with rubsigns. They came packaged with Mini Vehicles in early 1985. The faction of Mini-spy remained hidden until someone opened up the package and rubbed the rubsign, revealing an Autobot or Decepticon insignia.

Brawn - Rubsign Autobot

In addition to his great strength, Brawn is also so tough as to be almost indestructible. Almost.
Sometimes he is an ancient Titan Master, and sometimes he is partnered with the Nebulon Muscles as a Headmaster.

Brawn - G1 Transformers 

G1 Brawn - Transformers 

Brawn -  Titans Return - G1


Affiliation: Autobot

Sub-group:  Mini-Bots, Legends

Function: Demolitions

Rank: 5

Partner: Bumblebee, Huffer, Windcharger, and Cliffjumper

Motto: "Might over microchips."

Alternate modes: Cybertronian Truck, Land Rover Series III 4x4, Cobra Flight Pod

Brawn - Titans Return - Titan Masters - G1

Transformers Brawn - Titans Return - Titan Masters - G1

BIGMANILA -  Brawn - Titans Return - Titan Masters - G1

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