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Saturday, 17 June 2017

(MIB) Marvel Legends X-Force Wolverine

X-Force Wolverine


*For MINT IN BOX are the days I'm going to post Action Figures that still new in there package that are part of my collection. Many more to come.*

One of many figures I bought on impulse but now its time to cut down my collection. Wolverine has always been one of my favourite Marvel characters.  Just recently sold Wolverine from my collection. Still hurts a little to part with Wolverine. You know the old gangster saying "Don't get high on your own supply".

X-Force Wolverine - Back of Package

X-Force Wolverine - Side of Package


Measuring approximately 6 inch tall, each Marvel Legends 2013 - Series 01 figure features multiple points of articulation and character-specific accessories. This version of Wolverine features the characters dusky-hued X-Force costume, complete with X-insignia red belt buckle. Wolverine mutant regenerative ability enables him to survive an experimental procedure in which his entire skeleton is sheathed in Adamantium, in the process of which his forearms are outfitted with sets of curving with retractable Adamantium claws. During the events of the X-Men: Messiah Complex crossover storyline, Wolverine takes command of a new incarnation of X-Force.

Wolverine - BIGMANILA

Uncanny X-Force:

Uncanny X-Force, was launched in October 2010. This new series features members of the previous X-Force team, which was to have been shut down by X-Men leader Cyclops due to the existence of the team having been previously exposed and now operates without him knowing. The squad features new team members Psylocke, Fantomex, and Deadpool. According to Remender, "This is a group of characters that have had their souls stained by evil forces in the past, a common thread connecting them. They've already made the hard compromises in the past; they've all taken life."

X-Force Wolverine - BIGMANILA

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