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Monday, 15 May 2017

MINISO - Robot Warriors Robovalor

Robot Warrior

MINISO - Robot Warriors

     On my travels to Asia I was hoping to find some unique action figures more so robots or figures I could not find back home. Here is one I found at Miniso in Beijing Wangfujing Street. There where so many robot figures to chose from. I could of chosen to buy a combiner figure but then I would have to buy at least 5 figures to build one. I didn't know if I would like them and how good the quality would be like even if they cost $5 each.  Plus I didn't have that much room in my luggage for any other souvenirs.

Miniso Beijing

 There are so many Miniso in Wangfujing Street in Beijing not very hard to miss. I did but a whole lot of other things not just action figures.

Asia Haul

Here are some of the figures I got in Asia. I'll post more about them when I have a chance. One figure I do regret not getting in Hong Kong Is Titian's Return Brawn but that's another story for another blog post.

Anyways back to the Miniso Robot Warrior...

MINISO - Robot Warriors

    The Robot Warrior in his seal package. I wanted to do a video on doing the unboxing him but I was too excited to see what he was like. Hopefully i'll be able to do a youtube video on him soon. It may be a while as usual.


Unboxing ever so carefully


One of the features that attracted me to this figure was his drills on his shoulder.

Energy Axe

Love the two drills on this figure

Transformation Mode

     So far so good. Not too bad, the articulation on the figure is not great. For example his head can't move side to side and his arms are really no existent on bending. His legs don really go forward or backwards. He can do a slight splits and knee articulation is pretty good. But hey... Again you can't really complain for a figure that coast $5.

Back Thrusters 

Battle Ready

I was not able to open the Robot Warrior near my studio so these are just some quick shots of him while I was unboxing him.

MINISO - Robot Warriors Vehicle mode

MINISO - Robot Warriors drills

MINISO Action Figure

MINISO - Robot Warrior



MINISO - Robot Warriors with BIGMANILA

Not a bad figure if you want to pick one up just for fun. I had fun transforming him and posing him the best I could.

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  1. He looks dope,man!Did they have others?

    1. Yeah they had a couple. One train, a car and a combiner set almost looks like Devastator. They also had some transformers knock off I saw recently. I picked up 4 LOL. They where $4 each.

  2. I can't transform it. Can you please share the video or steps how to transform it to a car?


      Here's a video for transforming Robovalor. Sorry it took so long.

  3. Cool Figure. The drills remind me of Gurren Lagann and the axes evoke Shin Getter. I can't imagine how much $$$ I'd spend on robots over there.

    1. I bought some Masterpiece Transformers in Hong Kong and they where cheaper than North America.


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