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Sunday, 12 March 2017



It was my brother birthday and what he wanted for his bday was a UFC belt. When we were kids we loved wrestling and  made different champion chip belts and tag team belts out of card board and old jean pants.

Happy BDAY

Opening of the UFC Belt

So Exciting 

Even comes with its Personal Bag

Nice but it would be cool if the zipper went all the way side to side did a good job on the shipping.  We ordered the belt in the beginning of January 2017 and hoping to receive the belt on time for his birthday in February. Plus we got the re-leather belt option as we didn't want it to crack on the bends of the belt and we wanted to keep it for a long time.

UFC Belt Unveiling 

The Belt looks awesome from the diamonds to the 3D UFC Labels. This belt sturdy and is has some heft to it.

Birthday Boy and MOM

Almost Time for a Selfie

My Brother wanted to bring this every where we go for his birthday. I was scared some one would scratch it.


It began with a dream. Having a championship belt!

1990 First Belt Home

1990 Championship Belt


Suit Up!

UFC Champion

All Business 

Going Out for Drinks with the Boys

Here are some more photos. Enjoy


Right Side

Left Side

Back Buckle

Back UFC Tab

Description on

The greatest fighters in the world have battled through blood, sweat, and tears for it. It has become the most coveted prize in mixed martial arts. Now, Figures Toy Company is proud to bring you an all new officially licensed replica belt that really packs a punch! Get ready for the new UFC Championship Adult Size Replica belt!

This updated version of the title has next generation style 3D plates that range in thickness from 5-7mm with stacked plates as part of the design, reaching a total thickness of 12mm. This makes the new UFC Championship adult size replica belt the thickest UFC replica ever! The simulated leather strap measures 49.75 inches long, and can fit up to a 46 inch waist. The center logo plate measures 11 inches high, and the belt weighs in at 7.8 pounds. This is the ultimate UFC replica belt!

Get yourself a piece of UFC history without having to step into the Octagon! Show the world that you're the ultimate UFC fan and order your UFC Championship replica belt today! FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!!!

3D Style up Close

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