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Monday, 31 October 2016

BIGMANILA: DIY Home Made Photograghy Light Box

Do It Yourself Home Made Light Box

I'm still a noob at toy photography or any photography for that matter. I just pick up a few tips here and there. Plus I'm an amateur/noob on a budget don't really have much to spend on cameras, lighting , light box ET. So I saw some tip on line for a light box. I was looking for better ways to have better lighting cause my home lamps were not working for me. Light boxes cost from $50-$100 and up. I was like hell no !!! I rather spend that on my addiction (Action Figures) HAHAHAHA

Home Depot Box Extra Large

What You Need:

  • Box any size you need. (I chose the biggest box I could find some of my Figures are huge)
  • Long Ruler or straight edge. (Dollar Store)
  • Box cutter or utility knife. (Dollar Store)
  • White tissue paper. (Dollar Store)
  • Any type of tape that suites your needs. (Dollar Store)
  • Pencil or marker
  • long sheets of paper or cloth for back round. (Dollar Store)
  • 15-20min of time to build up. not including what you need to purchase
  • Last but not least "LOVE"


I spent just a little over 10$ plus some equipment I didn't have at home.

Super Persition

Product Placement

Did not have much room for the build.

There be holes Captain

Fragile Caution!

The tissue paper was hella fragile.

Light Box Finished Product



Yes tight on room again.

Here Are Just a Few Shot What Do You Think???

Light Box Photo with my IPhone

What do you think of the results? I'm still working on the lighting and the positions of the camera. It's my first day.


Photography with action figures MIB (Mint in Box) it's hardworking with the glare off the package. Tell me what you think. I could still use allot of tips. So far I think I'm off to a good start.

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  1. I've been checking out some light box tutorials my self Big.Yours Is perfect!Great pics ,too.The cool and at the same time frustrating thing about toy photography Is taking lots of shots from different angles to get that perfect pic.I tend to get impatient and quit after a few shots lol!

    1. Thanks Big Tone. I can't wait to see what kind of shot I could come out with the light box. I feel your pain with the different angle shots. Sometimes I cant get the shots I think in my head.

  2. I took my light box and tossed it out the window long ago lol sure I got some great shots from it but I got bored with it pretty fast.

    1. Oh really Bro? Never know I may get bored fast too with my light box. 😱


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