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Sunday, 26 October 2014

(TT) Mospeada 21 VR-052-F Cyclone Henshin Robo Gakken (Macross/Robotech)

Mospeada 21 VR-052-F Cyclone Henshin Robo Gakken

Mospeada 21 VR-052-F Cyclone Henshin Robo Gakken

*For Toys Tuesdays are the days I'm going to post Action Figures that still new in there package that are part of my collection. Many more to come.*

Yes, again I found This Robotech/Mospeada action figure at a local Craigslist/Garage sale. I was surprised to find the VR-052-F Cyclone still new in package. Well sort of new in package. It was opened before and transformed, I decided not to remove it from the package and play with it. It's almost imaculate Im affraid that I would break it. I think it looks cool as it is.

When I was younger I could never really find and Robotech/Mospeada action figures. When I saw the sellers collection I was really excited. The guy that sold it to me was getting ride of his whole collection. He the VR-052-F Cyclone for only $100.00. I was so excited I bought it on the spot. This is the exact one that Amazon has for sale.  Henshin Robo Mospeada 21 VR-052-F   I think I got a great deal!

Veritech Cyclone VR-052

Also known as:
Standard Armour Veritech Motorcycle

Designation: VR-052
Length: 2.4m (7.1ft)
Height: 1.2m (3.8ft)
Width: 0.5m (1.6ft)
Max speed: 200kph (124mph)

Height: 2.5m (7.2ft)
Breadth: 1.0m (3.3ft)
Depth: 1.7m (5.4ft)
Max flight speed: 60 kph (assuming 85 kg pilot)
Max walking speed: Approx. 25% greater than pilot's top running speed.

The Invid invasion in 2031, depicted in the third saga of Robotech known as The New Generation, destroyed what was left of the Army of the Southern Cross and the United Earth Forces (UEF) and left Earth completely devastated. The Invid established a central hive, Reflex Point, in the Great Lakes region of North America, and secondary hives across the planet. The Invid immediately began hunting down and destroying any and all remaining military personnel, and set up an aggressive operation to harvest the Flower of Life (and the protoculture it yielded) utilising the remaining civilian human population as forced labour.

I would like to eventually get this and take some pictures together with my Hensin Brave Gokin 13 Mospeada Ride Armor Stick Chogokin. Need to save up a bit more first.

The Invid also began experiments to improve their survivability, including experimenting on captured humans. Some humans collaborated with the Invid in exchange for power and/or protection and helped hunt down those who resisted or helped with the harvesting and management of Protoculture. Many humans escaped the notice of the Invid by relocating to remote areas where the Flower of Life was scarce such as the mountains, deserts, and wilderness, with some even reverting to simple hunter/gather communities. Areas not under the control of the Invid were often ruled by criminal gangs and self-appointed leaders who ruled through brute force.

Fortunately, the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) had long been self-sufficient with the help of other recently established extraterrestrial settlements, and was only minimally hampered by the loss of Earth. In addition, Moon Base A.L.U.C.E. (Advanced Lunar Chemical Engineering) was also able to continue to function despite its close proximity to Earth. Space Station Liberty was also able to continue to function. Unfortunately, events in deep space that kept the REF from sending aid during the Second Robotech War continued to plague them and kept them from turning their full attention to reclaiming Earth for another decade.

By the way, does anybody have over $3,000 to spare on this?  Wow! 
Is this a good deal? I'll let you decide!

The VR-050 series took the best elements of previous Cyclone designs and put them all in one package, resulting in the final manufacturing of model VR-052. The lightweight mobility of the VR-030 combined with the heavy firepower capability of the 040 series made for what would become the standard ride-armour for REF soldiers.


Cyclone platoons no longer had to balance their light and heavy Cyclone assets as the VR-052 was well suited to both roles. The 030 and 040 series still saw much action, but were now used more to augment and support of the main line Cyclone infantry units using the VR-052. 

The elusiveness  of the VR-050 series is demonstrated by the externally mounted weapons such as the EP-40 pistol featured on the "T" model and the forearm mounted anti-personnel missiles on the "F" Cyclone.


Gakken Co., Ltd. is a Japanese publishing company founded in 1947 by Hideto Furuoka, which also produces educational toys. Their annual sales is reported at ¥ 821 billion ($10 billion US).

For all collectors out there, keep your sets and try not to sell them - they are so awesome and will be worth lots later on!  Here's another one I found on Amazon:
Robotech New Generation Masterpiece Collection Volume 1: Scott Bernard's VFA-6H Alpha Fighter


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