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Thursday, 8 May 2014



MAC II Monster: Heavy Artillery Destroid 

The First Robotech War: The Macross Saga - Robotech

I found the Destroid Monster on Craigslist. This guys was getting ride of his whole collection. I almost bought his whole collection. Robotech / Macross its still one of my favourite anime of all time. I wish they showed more of the Destroid Monster on the Robotech series. I know there is a new Version on Macross Frontier the  VB-6 Koenig Monster VF-X.

Designation: HWR-00
Mecha Class: Battloid
Crew: 3 crewmen
Weight: 285.5 tons (without barrels), 378.5 tons battle ready             

Depth: 22.1m (without barrels), 41.1m (with barrels)
Height: 22.5m
Breadth: 24.0m
Max walking speed: 41 kph
Max hover speed: 52 kph


4 x 406mm cannons with 28 rounds total, mounted on the top
2 x triple missile launch tubes with 
2 x 530mm missiles in each tube. Each triple tube forms one arm.

The Monster destroid is the largest weapon system ever fielded by the Robotech Defence Force (RDF). Designed to field the largest calibre of artillery on a mobile platform, the Monster can, for a few seconds, out shoot an old World War II battleship.        

Well armoured around its cockpit and ammunition magazine, but the rest of the mecha is only fitted with anti-splinter armour, to keep the weight down.

The Destroid Monster is not really intended for the front lines, although it is,  occasionally used for the front lines.     

Designed as a mobile siege cannon, intended for use against heavily armoured targets such as starships and planetary bases. The Monsters main armament is optimised for armour-piercing qualities


  1. I had one of these back in the day, one of the Matchbox reissues we got in the States. Probably my second favorite Destroid after the Tomahawk.

    1. Thanks Muttski. I'm happy this Destroid in my collection. I hope I could find a Tomahawk


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