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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

(TT) G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary 3 3/4 Inch Action Figure ZombieViper(Cobra Trooper)


 *For Toys Tuesdays are the days I'm going to post Action Figures that still new in there package that are part of my collection. Many more to come.*

 Zombie Viper
I was browsing at my local Comic store and saw the Zombie Viper on the shelf. I like G.I. Joe and I'm really into the Walking Dead series so I had to pick this guy up. Every Saturday morning I would wake up with my bro and watch G.I. Joe when we were kids. It was also on  after school. O.K. I still watch cartoons every Saturday mornings.

     Filecard Information Listed on Back of Card  

File Name: N/A
Birthplace: Various Countries

Primary Weapon: Compound-Z removable bulbs
Combat Gear: Containment helmet, alternate tendril arms, claw-attack hands, barbed wire

ZOMBIE-VIPERS are COBRA infantry troopers who have been given a mysterious chemical substance, Compound Z, that has turned them into drones. Wiped of all thought, they follow orders mindlessly and cannot be reasoned with or sidetracked. They have retained skill at combat; in fact, their desire to fight has been increased, making them more dangerous than before. In other words, they are deadly zombie warriors.

*Two blue hands
*Two blue tendril arms
*A blue and black containment helmet
*A dark gray harness
*Two green sleeve sections
*Blue and black Compound-Z bulb
*Black display stand.

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