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Monday, 21 April 2014

(TT) Street Fighter Series 1 Ryu Action Figure (SOTA TOYS)


 *For Toys Tuesdays are the days I'm going to post Action Figures that still new in there package that are part of my collection. Many more to come.*

  Street Fighter Series 1 Ryu Action Figure

Street Fighter was one of my favorite video games but I was never really good at it LOL. I guess I didn't want to spend the quarters to get better at the game. Thank God for game consoles. 

I bought this Ryu's Action Figure from a guy on Craigslist. He was getting rid of his whole collection but also keeping some. His wife didn't really like them too much and he had kids and didn't have much room any more. Being a fan of Street Fighter this action figure in my opinion is one of the best ones out there. The sculpt and articulation are detailed close to the video game.


Ryu is usually a silent, humble, serious individual whose severity is often set side by side against the light-hearted, fiery persona of his best friend, Ken

An orphaned child with no knowledge of who his parents are or if they are still alive. When Ryu was a young child, he was adopted by Gouken and began living with him as well as learning the mysteriousand dangerous martial art known as Ansatsuken  (Assassination fist, used to describe any martial art developed with the intention of killing the opponent.)


Birthdate :          July 21
Birthplace:         Japan, Japan
Height:               5'9" - 175 cm
Weight:              150 lbs - 68 kg
Fighting style:     Martial Art rooted in Ansatsuken / Shotokan-style karate
Blood Type:        O
Nationality:         Japanese


  1. Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku (Cyclone Hurricane Kick)
  2. Kuchuu Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku (Mid-Air Cyclone Hurricane Kick)
  3. Shinku Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku (Vacuum Cyclone Hurricane Kick)
  4. Shoryuken (Rising Dragon Fist)
  5. Metsu Shoryuken (Destructive Rising Dragon Fist)
  6. Hadoken (Wave Motion Fist)
  7. Shakunetsu Hadoken (Scorching Wave Motion Fist)
  8. Shinku Hadoken (Vacuum Wave Motion Fist)
  9. Metsu Hadoken (Destroying Wave Motion Fist)
  10. Denjin Hadoken (Lightning Blade Wave Motion Fist)
  11. Shin Shoryuken (True Rising Dragon Fist)
  12. Joudan Sokutou Geri (High-Level Blade Kick)

Ryu Articulation
  1. Neck - ball-joint
  2. Waist - twists
  3. Thighs - ball-joints and twists
  4. Knees - double hinge joints
  5. Ankles - hinges
  6. Mid-foot - swivel
  7. Toes - hinges
  8. Shoulders - ball-joints
  9. Biceps - twists
  10. Elbows - hinges
  11. Wrists - twists and hinges
  12. Chest - limited hinge

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