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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Transformers and G.I. Joe Team up!

Prowl, Snake Eyes, and Timber

I always thought G.I. Joe and the Transformers should team up.I know they did in the comics for a brief time. They even had a Comic-Con Action Figure of Cobra Commander and Starscream. When I saw these Action Figures for  sale I knew they would match perfectly well. They are both Martial Arts experts and stealthy ninjas. To me this was a great team up mostly because Snake-Eyes fits on Prowl.

I know these shots are not that great, they were my first shots. I'm still learning and I love doing doing this on my spare time.

Some people are team players, and some... well, aren't. Prowl falls into the latter category. A loner at heart, he has little interest in teamwork, something Optimus Prime finds extremely frustrating. Prowl feels cooperation with the loud and unsubtle Autobots around him would cramp his style: a keen Cyber-Ninja prowess with elements of Circuit-Su and Metallikato.

Snake Eyes is the code name of a member of the G.I. Joe Team. Much of his history and information, including his real name, place of birth and service number, have remained classified throughout all depictions of his origin. All that is known for certain about him is his rank/grade (originally U.S. Army Sergeant/E-5,[2] and eventually reaching Master Sergeant/E-8), he has undergone Drill Sergeant training, and is a former U.S. Army Special Forces and Delta Force operator. Very little else about his past has been revealed.

He was originally billed by Hasbro in 1982 as a commando, but in the pages of Marvel Comics, it became clear that he was also a full-fledged ninja master.

        Prowls Weapons
  • Traffic light "chain"
  • 2 bladed mecha stars
  • Flash blasters

                                 Snake Eyes Weapons

  • 9 mm Uzi fully automatic machine gun
  • .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol
  • Combat knife
  • Satchel
  • Figure stand

 Well Balanced Figures

Stay tuned for more photo sets of Action Figures. I try to post at least once or twice a week. These are photo sets I taken around 2008. I'm still learning and hoping to learn how to photoshop my photos. Thanks for looking.


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