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Saturday, 17 March 2018

TOY HAUL: Tracks, WheelJack, Shuffler, Metroplex, Rewind.

TOY HAUL: March 2018

Another toy run, went with my cousin on a toy hunt hoping we could find a good haul at a toy store a little bit away. We got some good thing some not bad on the price and some a little high. Here are a few quick shots.


Reveal The Shield - Tracks 

Generations - Wheeljack

Autobot - Tracks

Autobot - Wheeljack

Tracks and Wheeljack

I wish collected more of the Transformers Generations, Reveal the Shield,  and Classic lines. They had some pretty good figures that I missed on and now I'm starting to collect them.
Titans Return - Shuffler

Autobot - Shuffler

My Cousins Haul

My cousin had a sweet haul. Tomy Takara Metroplex and Rewind.

Tomy Takara - Metroplex

Toy Hunting

Autobot City Metroplex

Metroplex Open

Come back and check out my next Toy Haul.

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