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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Kamakura - G.I. Joe Sigma 6 -Ninja Weapons Expert Specialist (Hasbro)

Kamakura - Ninja Weapons Expert Specialist

Kamakura and Jinks Sigma 6

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I bought Kamakura around 2008. I was late in collecting Sigma 6 figures and Kamakura was one of the last ones left on the store shelves.  I love the Sigma 6 figures and all their weapon and accessories. So many options you can use for Kamakura! I just wish this figure was double jointed, but overall, it's a good figure.


Kamakura - Mask

Kamakura is a ninja and a reservist member of the Sigma 6 team. In this series, both Jinx and Kamakura serve as Snake-Eyes' apprentices. He is seen in several episodes in which he is still training as a ninja under Snake-Eyes and is on the team during a battle between Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow.

Kamakura - Dog Tag

Kamakura - Wrist Computer and Communicator

Wrist Computer and Communicator

Kamakura Ninja

Kamakura Weapons Case

Too bad there is no foam for Kamakura weapons case.

Kamakura Weapons Case


CODE NAME: Kamakura

SPECIALTY:  Hand to Hand Combat

After KAMAKURA learned an obscure martial arts technique from SNAKE EYES that incorporates flames, he asked HI-TECH to add fire to his ninja gear. The result is an arsenal that truly heats up ninja battles. An arm-mounted disc has three flame-tipped blades that heat metal, making it easier to slice through it. KAMAKURA can render the enemy immobile in a C-shaped ring that radiates fire. The flames emitted by the weapons give KAMAKURA a searing advantage in combat and the ability to melt any metallic obstruction in his path.

Kamakura -  Enkou sword

Enkou Sword Ignited 

Kamakura - Ninja Enkou Sword

Kamakura - Hinote Hand Grips

Ball and Chain with Flames

Kamakura Ball and Chain  with Flames

Nunchucks with Flames


  • Flamecutter: Spinning tri-blade with edges that emit flames.
  • Flamecatcher: Captures opponents in a C-shape, heat-generating ring.
  • Enkou sword: embedded with power stone crystals to generate flames.

Flame Dagger With Chain

Kamakura with Flame Catcher 

Kamakura Geared up

Kamakura Weapons Specialist

Kamakura Flame Cutter and Flame Dagger 

 G.I. Joe Sigma 6 Hand to Hand Expert

Kamakura G.I. Joe

Kamakura Yo Joe

Flame Cutter

Flame Cutter Figure Spinner

Kamakura again makes his appearance as part of the G.I. Joe team in the Sigma 6 toy series. As of August 2008, he has had two 8" Sigma Six Commando Scale Figures. A major difference between his Sigma 6 and his previous releases is that the top of his face is uncovered for these figures. Kamakura has short brown hair and brown eyes.

Flame Cutter - Ball and chain

Flame Catcher with Flame End

Flame Cutter with Flame Dagger

Flame Catcher and Enkou Sword

Enkou Sword and Flame Catcher


Enkou Sword Flame Stones Ignited 

Enkou Sword

Hinote Hand Grips

Flaming Ball and Chain

Flame Dagger - Igniters 

Snake Eyes - Kamakura - BIGMANILA

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