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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Lieutenant Commander Scott Bernard (Robotech/Macross) Mospeada Genisis Climber

Lieutenant Commander Scott Bernard
I Bought Scott on a Craigslist add. The seller was getting rid of all his Action Figure collection. I kind of felt sorry for the guy getting rid of all his collection.

Robotech - Genesis Climber Mospeada
The New Generation

The New Generation, also called Invid Invasion, was originally the Japanese series Genesis Climber MOSPEADA. Mospeada was adapted by Carl Mack to become the third act of the American series Robotech.

Info on Back of Card.

Scott Bernard

Age: 20
Rank: Lieutenant

Scott is one of the new generation of Robotech Defenders who were born in outer space during the Expeditionary Mission to recover the location of the home of the Robotech Masters. He is a pilot in the Mars Division, one of the advanced interstellar battalions trying to reclaim the Earth from the clutches of the Invids. One of the few survivors from this advanced Robotech detachment, Scott is a moody character driven by revenge.

Scott Bernard - Armoured Cyclone

Birthdate: 2023
Height: 178cm
Blood Type: A

 Born in outer space during the Expeditionary Mission, Scott Bernard is part of the new generation of Earth's defenders. He is a pilot in the Mars Division, one of the advanced battalions trying to reclaim Earth from the Invid. He arrives on his ancestral planet as one of the only few survivors from this advance Robotech fleet.

Veritech Cyclone VR-052
When he recovers from the shock of his disastrous landing, Scott, sets about to fulfil his mission to reach Reflex Point and join Admiral Rick Hunter's new army at all costs .

Cyclone and Scott

The Armoured Cyclone was released in 1985 by Matchbox.This vehicle has a working kickstand and soft pneumatic tires. It was made to be used with the Scott Bernard action figure. This Motorcycle doesn't transform enables it to look more like it does in the cartoon. Some other Cyclone toys that were made include a large version of Scott and the Cyclone that is fully transformable, and three smaller cyclone toys that are of low quality and poor looks.

The successful deployment of the VR-030 and VF-040 series , the VR-050 series took the best elements of previous Cyclone designs and put them all in one package, resulting in the final production model VR-052. The lightweight agility of the VR-030 combined with the heavy firepower capability of the 040 series made for what would become the standard ride-armor for REF soldiers. 


Designation: VR-052


Length: 2.4m (7.1ft)
Height: 1.2m (3.8ft)
Width: 0.5m (1.6ft)
Max speed: 200kph (124mph)


Height: 2.5m (7.2ft)
Breadth: 1.0m (3.3ft)
Depth: 1.7m (5.4ft)
Max flight speed: 60 kph (assuming 85 kg pilot)
Max walking speed: Approx. 25% greater than pilot's top running speed.

A natural but sometimes reluctant leader, Scott accumulates other Earth rebels on the way to Reflex Point and forms a resistance force that battles the Invid invaders as they make their way to the ultimate battleground. A moody but driven young man, Scott must relearn the value of friendship from strangers he has met as he moves toward his final goal.


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