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Saturday, 24 May 2014



The First Robotech War: The Macross Saga - Robotech


One of my favourite action figures in my collection. I bought it off a guy off craigslist already opened but in really good condition. It was complete with the decals witch I did not want to put on.

 The VF-S1 will stay in my collection for a long time.

Roy Fokker

Age: 30
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Heroic commander of the famed "Skull Squadron" assigned the monumental task of defending SDF-1. He is the classic definition of a hero. He is also able to transcend his heroic mold to be human and compassionate. He likes to tease his friends especially Rick Hunter, and create a feeling of general camaraderie. His raw courage and skill as a fighter pilot is matched only by Maximillian Sterling.


• Fully transformable into three modes: Fighter, Guardian and Battloid
• Die-cast metal and plastic construction
• Battery-operated LED light-up visor
• Opening cockpit hatch with removable ladder
• Retractable landing gear with authentic rubber tires
These high-quality, ultra-detailed transformable Veritechs offer the ultimate re-creation of the famed Robotech fighter. Each volume is limited to a production run of 15,000, and is packaged in our trademark "book-style" box with slide-out tray, allowing for safe storage and "forever mint-in-box" packaging.


The leader of the veritech fighter squadrons attached to the SDF-1, Roy Fokker was the premier fighter pilot in the Robotech Defence Force. Fokker first gained fame by shooting down 108 enemy planes during the Global War and subsequent conflicts. Fokker was called back to duty by Admiral Donald Hayes and became the top test pilot for Project Valkyrie, which led to the creation of the transformable veritech fighter. As commander of the renowned Skull Squadron, Roy maintained his reputation among his fellow pilots, as his squadron earned recognition in battle after battle with the Zentraedi forces.


At an early age, Roy had a strong love of flying. His father Dan Fokker was a close friend and squadron mate of Mitchell Hunter (Rick Hunters father) during the final years of the Vietnam War. Dan was later killed in a classified mission for the Navy, and Mitchell Hunter assumed guardianship of Roy. From then on, Roy grew up with Hunter and his young son Rick and flew for their Flying Circus aerobatic team. The two boys grew very close. That relationship is severely tested when Roy leaves the Flying Circus to fight in the Global War, and later joins the Veritech development project on Macross Island.


AKA: Skull Leader, Skull One 
Veritech Fighter for the Senior Officers

Mecha Class: Veritech fighter, aerospace capable
Crew: 1 pilot
Weight: 13.3 metric tons (dry)

The VF-1S "Skull Leader" is a unique fighter based on a prototype platform of the VF-1 specially designed for commanding officers of Veritech squadrons. Only a dozen of these units had been manufactured by the time the Zentraedi attacked Macross Island in 2009.


Height: 12.7 m
Depth: 4.0 m
Breadth: 7.3 m
Max speed at all altitudes: 194 kph
Max walking speed: 160 kph


In Battroid mode has some limited altitude control, its primary purpose is for ground hand-to-hand combat, which enabled Earth forces to fight the giant alien invaders on their own scale as the military had anticipated they would meet.


This mode allowed the humans to disguise their VF-1 as a Zentradi officer and to infiltrate one of their warships on at least one time.

The VF-1 valkyrie in battroid mode is also much stronger than the average Zentradi soldier and is able to beat them in unarmed combat with ease. However, the superior size, physical strength, stamina and resistance to space vacuum of Commander Type Zentradi makes them much more dangerous and equal opponents for the Valkyrie.

In Battroid mode, the VF-1 has a maximum airspeed of 220 km/h (140 mph). Its maximum running speed is 160 kilometres per hour (99 mph).

 In this mode, the Valkyrie can also be equipped with a reactive armor package called the GBP-1S Ground Battle Protector weapon system.

VF-1S Gerwalk/Guardian

(Ground Effective Reinforcement of Winged Armament with Locomotive Knee-joint)

Length: 11.0 m
Height: 8.7 m
Wingspan: 8.3-14.8 m
Max speed at all altitudes: 500 kph

Guardian/Gerwalk mode looks like the nose and wings of a fighter plane stuck on "chicken walker" legs with two arms.The legs are formed by the aircraft's engines and intakes, bent down and forward. The arms are stored between the engines in fighter mode and fold out to the sides, reaching around from behind the legs.

This mode's considerable manoeuvrability combined with its speed made it formidable in low level aerial combat as well as when making flanking manoeuvres on the ground, and most took advantage of these characteristics for such situations. Valkyrie pilots also have the option to deploy the legs alone, leaving the arms in storage.

Early in the development cycle for Macross, the creators planned a main mecha called "GA-WALK", with an ostrich-like leg configuration (similar to the enemy battle pods from the finished series). However, the idea met with resistance from the initial sponsor, which wanted a more conventional robot for the hero to pilot.

This mode is the intermediate one which was originally intended to simply allow the craft to land in a war zone with a maximum of defencive ability. Many VF pilots soon realized that this mode's considerable manoeuvrability combined with its speed made it formidable in low level aerial combat as well as when making flanking manoeuvres on the ground, and most took advantage of these characteristics for such situations

Valkyrie pilots also have the option to deploy the legs alone, leaving the arms in storage.

Arms In Storage

Roy inherited many of his father’s daredevil aspects, including a cavalier attitude towards women. A playboy for much of his early flying career, his life is changed when he meets a young air control officer named Claudia Grant.


Skull Leader in Fighter Mode

Fighter Mode

Length: 14.2 m
Height: 3.8 m
Wingspan: 8.3-14.8 m
Max speed at sea level: Mach 1.4
Max speed at 10,000m: Mach 2.71
Max speed at 30,000m: Mach 3.87

Fighter Mode is its basic mode and is the typical mode used when the craft is parked at a military base and is the primary mode used in high altitude aerial combat planet side and in space combat.


In this mode, it shows a basic fuselage similar to the real-world F-14 Tomcat jet fighter, also
under slung intakes and variable-sweep wing, but with outward-canted vertical stabilisers similar to the F/A-18 Hornet's, swivelling under-wing hard points and a total lack of tail planes.


In fighter mode the VF-1's thermonuclear engines and the several vernier rockets on its fuselage make it capable of operating as an aerospace fighter.

 VF-1 technically has an unlimited service ceiling and atmospheric range (since it can operate in space), the VF-1's internal tanks cannot carry enough propellant to achieve a stable orbit and needs the help of a booster pack to reach Low Earth Orbit.

The shield that covers the cockpit in Battroid mode is usually absent, except on pilot's request for use as a heat shield, for example in case of atmospheric re-entry



Fighter mode has two sub-modes:
  • In atmospheric mode the engine air intakes are open; wings geometry is flexible.  
  •  In space mode the engine air intakes are closed. Wings remain extended but fixed due to the presence of vernier thrusters on the wing tips, and wing-carried ordnance.


The prototype number 001 (AKA Skull One) was the last known surviving VF-1S aboard the SDF-1. It marvelously survived through several years of battle and was never destroyed, making it a symbol of the people of Earth's fearlessness and determination.

2015, the Skull One, the oldest surviving VF-1 in the Robotech Defense Force, was dismantled to aid in the research of the next-generation of Advanced Veritech fighters.

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